The Perfect Beach Dress - Zara

Thursday, February 1, 2018

                                                                         THOUSAND STEPS BEACH, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA

Is there such a thing as a perfect winter dress for the beach?
 I think so. 

I've recently been loving all things from Zara (click here) including their take on what a winter dress should look like. They recently had a sale in which all the items in the store were on sale. I snagged a dress for $15 that was originally $126! I've come to learn that digging through the sales racks in stores like Zara really pay off because the markdowns are incredible. It makes me wonder how much profit the store actually makes on the sale price because the price difference on the original tag as compared to the sale tag is tremendous. Whatever. As long as I get good deal, what do I care? 

The dress on display in this blog post photos  was a dress I snagged on deal for less than $15 from Zara. I thought that for the  price, the dress was a dream purchase. The dress isn't short so the wind never blew the dress up all the way up to expose the peaches (bum cheeks).  The dress also has long sleeves so I didn't get too cold. I get cold easily, so long sleeves are an important factor for me. The dress went well with the Laguna Beach backdrop and tone of the day. I couldn't have asked for a more classy outfit and a better backdrop to be honest. 

I hope that you enjoy the photos and get some inspiration for the upcoming Californian heat wave that is shortly due.  Honestly, you wouldn't think California is in its winter season recently with the heat that has been occuring.  We don't catch a break, do we? No REAL seasons for us. Unlucky. 

Until next time,
Heba xx 

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