California Dreaming~ Laguna Beach + Tobi Collaboration Pt. 2

Thursday, January 25, 2018

                                                                                            THOUSAND STEPS BEACH, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA

Hello Friends,

California sunsets are becoming more and more  beautiful as time goes on. It's such a dream to live in Southern California because of things like being able to go to the beach and not freeze to death in January.   Laguna  Beach in particular is so amazing. The entire beach was empty and it was magnificent.  Very few times in my life I feel small. Standing on that beach with the waves rolling in made me feel so tiny in this big world. 

These shots are from the end of the day. I wanted the sunset to reflect off the sequins of my new gold dress  from Tobi ( I felt a bit like a modern mermaid in the dress. I really love the pattern  and the different shades  of  the sequins. It has an plunging open back  and is quite loose fitting. I've never owned a dress that wasn't fitted, so it was a nice change to my normal clothing picks. 

My last outfit of the day was a bikini bottom and my  black over-sized sweater from  TobiI watched the sun set while I dried off from my beach day, and then I made the trek back up a massive flight of stairs  to exit the beach. My choices from Tobi were quite the  unique pairing for my Laguna day out.  I didn't match my outfit with many accessories because I didn't think extra items were needed for the beach, and frankly nothing would have matched my beach style anyway.  :p

Until next time! 

Heba xx


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