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Friday, October 13, 2017

Belgravia, London- England

Ah! Feels good to be back blogging again. It’s been a rough and difficult year so far, but I’m back, and with full force, with new content and a better sense of direction!

Among all that was going on in the last few months, especially in the last few weeks, I still took the time to get some blog content in. I headed straight to the 'Instagram heaven bakery' located in Belgravia, London to visit Peggy Porschen Cakes

This Belgravian corner bakery cafĂ© was the brightest and cutest building in one of the most spectacular areas in London. It’s even been given the title of, "The Best Cupcakes in the World!" by Vanity Fair Magazine. So, obviously, this place had a lot to live up to!

As I was there, I had to try their famous cupcakes!  I opted for the Vanilla Salted Caramel cupcakes, putting me back  £5! (=$6.65). I also purchased a latte (£3.60)and a homemade hot chocolate (£4.75). Check out their Parlour Menu HERE.  

I know London is expensive, but I never spent that much on a cupcake and drinks before, ever. As I waited for my drinks outside of the shop, I wondered if the hype was legit. I almost ---- almost---- purchased a beautifully decorated skull sugar cookie for £10, but I decided to wait in order to see how the cupcake turned out first.  

The hot chocolate was indeed worth the money spent and the latte was just right! The cupcakes were a bit on the drier side, but went really well with the drinks. The center of this cupcake had a caramel filling. My favorite part of this sweet was the icing because it was creamy, sweet, and spectacular! Overall, you won't be disappointed with the products. If you have the time to visit this shop on your travels within London, I would go for it! The shop gets very busy on the weekends so plan accordingly!

Every season the bakery changes it's flower arrangement over it's front door entrance. As you can see they didn't disappoint in their pastel Halloween arrangement!

On to my outfit details: 

Dress= Topshop (sold out)
Similar dresses/even cuter dresses= Spotted Ruffle Wrap Tea Dress
                                                                                         Jacquard Ruffle Skater Dress
                                                                                         Patchwork Mini Ruffle Dress
Over the knee suede boots=Sam Edelman
Suede Belt= Maje

Hat= Ted Baker  

The hat isn't just an accessory, but will actually keep your head warm. It's very much needed in the quickly changing weather in London this month!

Over the knee boots are always a good idea in my opinion!

I’ll end the post here and see you in the next one!

Much love,

Heba xxxxx

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