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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Have any of you been to the West Coast of California? If you haven't been yet, I suggest you go!

California isn't just about the recent glitz and the glam of Los Angeles. California is quite large and it has a lot of history dating back to the Native American period in history and probably even more!

If you drive up the coast of Los Angeles for roughly another hour and half then you will  be in Santa Barbara.  The drive is worth it because the views of the coast from the hills near the Santa Barbara Mission are spectacular.  I went to light a candle in this church for a very special person in my life who recently passed away. 

I could do wearing jeans in hot weather, but the top has to be really light and airy. My club Monaco top is soft, loose, and airy. The tassels on the shirt matched Santa Barbara's Spanish/Mexican influence that the area has in its building's architecture. 

Later that day I went to the Santa Barbara Courthouse and relaxed in the courtyard. I had a break in this courtyard and left feeling so refreshed. It was so calm and peaceful. If you are into people watching then this part of Santa Barbara is for you!

There isn't much else to report on what happened later that day besides I drove up further north on Pacific Coast Highway and grabbed myself a filet mignon at the best steakhouse in Santa Maria. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Heba xx

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