Free People + Corona Del Mar

Monday, February 6, 2017

Newport Beach, Southern CALIFORNIA.

California hasn’t been stable with its weather recently. I can’t tell whether I should wear shorts or put a rain coat on as the weather varies from day to day. On this day, though, the weather was glorious. 

Corona Del Mar is one of my favorite beaches in Southern California. When I was completing my undergraduate degree we were required to visit the tide pools at this beach and make “scientific observations” of marine life on the Southern California coast. It was a memorable trip with my classmates and we even ventured into the caves at one point before the tide came in. What I found most interesting about observing the coast was how close the seals were to the shore hunting for food.  I remember my professor saying that as a general rule of thing that when there are seals hunting near the shore then there are sharks following closely behind. I never forgot that and I haven't been in a Southern California beach ever since. LOLz!!

Onto the rest of my post…. I’m sporting my new Free Peopleshipwrecked top. I recently came across this Free People top at Nordstrom and I fell in love with it. It’s a loose top with button up sleeves. I absolutely love the pirate inspiration and lightweight cotton material. The shoulder details with the gold embroidery make this top such an amazing find for all the best reasons possible. 

Free People has always been a brand that I love. They are a distinctive boho inspired clothing line that so many bloggers adore and try to mimic all the time with other clothing brands. I fit into the category of bloggers trying to mimic the Free People clothing with cheaper alternative clothing brands. I realized that I the brand can’t really be "replaced" with other brands because the quality Free People clothing is top notch. Apart from the fabric, the cuts of the clothing that they produce is unique and worth the high price tag. Cheaper alternative clothing brands won’t be able to mimic the amount of work that goes into a piece of clothing without actually charging more money for their products. Free People do clothing right.

Like I mentioned earlier, the material is so lightweight. It feels like I’m not wearing anything. I just can’t say enough good things about this clothing brand!

I hope you enjoyed my post and little story. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please leave a comment so that I can check out your blogs or social media as well!


Heba xxx

Top: Free People
Jeans:  Nordstrom
Boots:  Sam Edelman 

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