The Queen Mary + Vera Wang

Monday, January 16, 2017

             The Queen Mary, California.

Oh my! It's been some time since I've posted something on my blog! Shame on me for letting myself get distracted for this long. It makes me excited to post something now though, so here we go.

I spent my last day of 2016 on The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. 
Since I was already staying local I thought I might as well say goodbye to the year stylishly. 

I checked into my room at 12:30 AM on December 31st. Obviously, I missed all the tours on the boat and my chance to order room service. I definitely wasn't going to leave the boat and go searching for food in Long Beach at the time either, so I decided to have a peak around the boat instead. 

I enjoyed walking around the boat when no one was awake though. It made for a pretty spectacular backdrop for my photos. As a result I put on my Vera Wang dress and proceeded to act like royalty. I wish I was royalty because royalty would be able to order room service anytime they wanted.  

I recently found this Vera Wang gown in Macy's at South Coast Plaza. It was clear to me when I saw it in the store that it was a new item, so I thought I wouldn't have a problem finding it online to link in this post. Just my luck though....I tried finding it online and it is no where to be found. I have instead linked the website to the Vera Wang website to view similar dresses in her Iconic line. 

 I paired up my wonderful new Wang dress with a Swarovski necklace. There is only a few times in my life that I get to do this, so why not go all out??

I wonder what it must have felt like to dine and wine in such fancy attire as royalty on board a ship many years ago. I'm assuming the feeling would have oozed of elegance!

As I mentioned earlier I spent the night on the ship. I have to say that the bed was really comfy. The room was small but just perfect for the occasion. The staff was really nice and attentive. The tours on the boat was pretty decent and the boat it self was spectacular to see. 

I hope that you enjoyed the photos and that it's inspired you to get out and dress "like" royalty. When I throw my next party I know what the theme will be... tea with the Queen - me ha! 

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Heba xxx

Necklace: Swarovski 
Dress: Vera Wang

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