Wrap Dress from Topshop

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Andover is such a nice place to visit because of the greenery and countryside views that it has to offer. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to showcase this wonderful wrap dress from Topshop. 

This dress is perfect for the summer. The pattern showcased on this dress looks very vintage and delicate. This wrap dress is made of lightweight chiffon and includes a low cut anterior to showcase the twins. The beautiful straps create a delicate style in the back of the dress. What more can a girl ask for eh? Topshop made this dress to perfection.

I added my Charming Charlie vintage charm choker to give a simple touch to the outfit. Apparently the necklace sold out in less than a few hours, so I’m sorry that I can’t link it in the description below. I hope it inspires you to wear something similar though!


I walked around Rookbury Mills in this dress and came across a little stream and watched as a little dog chased sticks in the water. The water looked so beautiful and clean that I decided to dip my feet in it for a good long while!

 It was so peaceful and wonderful to be able to hear the stream water moving and to hear birds chirping. I can’t do things so easily like that in California unless it’s at the beach, so it was a nice experience for me.

To my friends reading this post: I know that I'm super pale. Thanks for letting me know... again. :p

As always thanks for stopping by!

Much love,
Heba xxx

Dress: Topshop (similar)
Flats: Primark
Black Necklace: Charming Charlie
Silver Necklace: Unknown-Gift

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