A Visit to Lulworth Cove

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lulworth Cove, DOrset. ENgland.

I really feel like I’m missing out on life when I look back at photos like the ones in post. I feel like I’ve been slightly buried in my immunology course and work recently, that I’ve just literally forgotten to create a new blog post. Shame on me!
I’m back now reporting to you about one of my favorite visits anywhere ever in the entire friggin’ world!

I once saw a set of photos on Instagram about five years back of an Instagramer visiting Lulworth Cove and Dorset. I was really taken aback by the photos because I never considered the UK to have such amazing beaches. I swore that I would see this place one day and now it’s finally off my bucket list.

Lulworth Cove is part of the Jurassic Coast where the first dinosaur fossils were found. Apparently the coast you see in these photos, if I’m not mistaken, were once connected with France at one point. So this coast has some serious history and some amazing views.

You end up parking your car in a parking lot and taking a bit of a hike down a road and up a hill to get to the spot with the view in the photos. I wasn’t prepared for climbing up that hill, but I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity due to a hike! It didn’t stop me from complaining that I had to walk a distance! Ha!

Parking was very cheap (less than 4 GBP) and there isn’t an entrance fee for the fantastic views.

There were three young men cliff diving off a massive rock with the an arch in it. You can’t even see the men in the photo because they look like they blended in to the rock due to their tiny size! I wish that I had known that they offer cliff diving lessons for people and I would have come more prepared and I wouldn’t have spent an hour straightening my hair! Ugh, the opportunities that women give up due to our hair!

It was a very beautiful visit that started sunny and quickly ended with a massive thunder storm. I guess due to the weather determining the rest my entire day, I could say that I had a classic English summer.  Eh what’s new?

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