Sunshine in London

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Trafalgar Square, London.

Clearly I rode in style around London on this Yamaha R6. Such an amazing bike and I hope to get one someday myself!  For all of my readers that didn't know, which probably none of you know because I've never mentioned it, I actually have my M1 (motorcycle) licence. Aren't I bad ass? I don't care if you agree, I totally think I'm the coolest chick around! :p With that said, if I drove the bike shown in the photo above I probably wouldn't live to write this post. HAHA!

I nearly shat my pants when the sun came out this specific day. I literally laid down on the lion monument area in Trafalgar Square and soaked in as many UV rays as possible. I can see why so many people living in the UK go crazy when the sun comes out. It's pretty much near impossible to actually see sun, let alone sit outside to enjoy it! Californians seriously take the sun for granted!

I will say this though: The sun in the UK is very condescending... it's still so cold outside that you'll shiver and die from hypothermia if you aren't bundled up. With that said, I was still so cold!! I may be exaggerating because I'm not used to being so cold, but seriously, the weather was very odd in London during this that of the year.

After taking a few photos at Trafalgar Square, and possibly giving myself skin cancer, I moved along to the most London thing you can do... take photos with the famous red telephone boxes! For those wondering, my friends in particular, they do actually have phones in them, and yes the phones work! 

Boots: Kayla Over the Knee Boots by Sam Edelman
Cardigan dress: Forever 21
Jeans: H&M
Female in photo: Overly excited tourist who saw a red telephone box in London. 

I ended up taking off to another London destination shortly after, but that will have to wait until the next blog post! I put on my protective gear, hopped back on the motorbike, and drove to the amazing Big Ben for my next photo shoot destination. 

I'll see you at the next stop! 
Much love,Heba xx

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