Sammy Dress Review

Thursday, October 22, 2015

A review of the website Sammy Dress.

I was contacted recently by and I was asked if I would like to review one of their products. As always my review will be 100% honest and truthful. No one writes posts for this blog besides me and I was not paid to speak positively about this website or its products. 
Picking out my dress:
Upon looking at the website I noticed that some of the photos that they used were from higher end clothing brands and for the cheap prices that they sell their products I knew that the material would not be the same and I wondered how close the product would resemble the actual photo shown. I wasn't sure how the dress that I ordered would actually turn out as I also read reviews that the material of their products is really bad and it isn't worth spending money on. 

From the time of placing my order to the time of receiving the product it was less than 2 weeks. I've seen some reviews online about this website in terms of how horrible their shipping is and I'm not sure if my shipment was sent out right away based on the fact that I'm doing a review or if that's how their shipping normally works. 

Thoughts on the dress: 
I flipped through the website and chose a black long sleeve, turtle neck, dress with a white trim at the bottom of it. It looked so chic and Parisian in the photo. When I received the dress it was definitely a different material than the one shown in the photo. The dress was stretchy and comfortable though. As for the material of the dress I think it was decent for the price and it matched the overall look of the dress.I don't think it's a clothing item that will last for a long time but I think for the price it was great. The turtleneck came up really nicely on me and the sleeves hugged my arm and forearm really nicely, but the sleeves were a bit short on me though. The dress was actually really warm. I wore it with black tights and I think it would make a great fall dress overall. 

The biggest problem that I had with the dress was the fact that it was a one size fits all system and the dress came out really short on me. I would love to be able to wear the dress without tights but it's never going to happen. I have never had this problem before when trying clothes on, but if you have a super short torso this dress will be perfect on you. After taking a close look at more photos on their site and I think that this website bases its sizes on petite girls who are thin AND short. This is just a little fact that I think people should consider when ordering from this site. I'm quite small (size 0-2 and 5' 6" in height) and the dress still came out short on me. It fits fine elsewhere though.

Overall, I think for the price the dress is reasonable if it fits the person buying it. I was disappointed that it didn't fit me well but the material was comfy. If the price is the only thing being considered for review, I think that it is a decent buy! I think that the sizing is something to really consider before purchasing from this site though. As previously stated, I'm pretty thin myself and not very tall and the dress still came out short on me. I will end up passing this dress along to a friend who is much shorter than me (probably my petite lovely friend who is 5' 1") and I'm sure that they will love it!

Lastly, thank you to Sammy Dress for allowing me to review one of your products. 
As always, thanks for stopping by and please let me know what you think of the dress or if you have ever shopped at
Much love,
Heba xx

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