Paris Diaries: 003

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Last of my memories in Paris!

Sadly this is the end of my Paris Diaries. I had a nice time going through the pictures and remembering the wonderful memories.

I was always told to make sure to dress up when you go to France as the French don't like it when people don't put themselves together properly. I remember really clearly that on the first night in Paris I was trying to find something to eat around our hotel I ran into an American couple who were wearing sweatpants and were completely un-put together. They were so nice but I feared for their life as they walked around Paris in their ensemble. I tried my best to avoid making their mistake and wore my chiffon dress again! 

One of my main reasons for going to Paris was to see the Eiffel Tower light show and somehow I missed it as I was on the way up the Eiffel Tower in the elevator. Sad times. I also became very hangry as I hadn't eaten the whole day and took my rage out of everything and everyone. I did end up having a steak that night that was so disguising that I seriously question if they dipped it in chemicals before they gave it to me. So I was not a happy bunny that night! Haha! Anyway... sweet crepes for dessert solved that problem! 

La Crêperie de Josselin cheered me up with their savory crepes in the morning and it was so amazing! No complaints from me! Said to be one of the best creperies in Paris actually! If you are ever in Paris and want to know of a great crepe restaurant then I definitely recommend this one. It was perfectly Parisian as they had very little room and had to pull tables out of their spaces to make room for people to sit and have their meal!

Anyway.... this was the last installment of my Paris Diaries and I hope that you enjoy it if you have been following along.  Thanks for stopping by! Please let me know in the comments if you’ve been, plan to, or are dreaming of going to Paris. Make sure to leave your blog link so I can check out your fancy pages as well! If you have a link from your Parisian trip please include it in there tool! ;)

Much love,

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