Paris Diaries: 002 (I Miss You)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

 My memoirs From Paris.

 I miss Paris. Not for necessarily for the people or the je ne sais quoi of the atmosphere, but mainly for the memories of eating great food and being looked at and treated like an American. #americanstruggles . In all seriousness I miss Paris because of how unique and different it is from California. I miss being able to actually walk down the street and buy fresh bread and never having to get into my car to grab a few things or run a few errands.  

I miss people greeting me as I pass them in the street while I walk down to the local creperie to buy myself a heart attack. I miss going into a shop along the Champs-Élysées and never being able to afford anything, but nonetheless somehow I still manage to make an effort to try on the haute couture dresses at Elie Saab. I did indeed stand in line for roughly an hour to get a box of the famous Laduree macarons. I can officially confirm that they were a taste of heaven as I was told they would be.

I genuinely miss falling down the never ending spiraling staircase of the Arc de Triomphe in a black chiffon dress and having loads of French men surround me #howtocatchafrenchman (I pinky swear that I didn't plan that one!). I miss getting upset at the shop owners that closed their store in the middle of the day and pretty much the entire day except two random hours that always seemed to change... I miss it all.

Paris. You hate me and I know it. I still love you though no matter what. #bbf 

Paris Diaries 003 will be coming very soon! Thanks for stopping by! Please let me know in the comments if you’ve been, plan to, or are dreaming of going to Paris. Make sure to leave your blog link so I can check out your fancy pages as well! If you have a link from your Parisian trip please include it in there tool! ;)

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