She's Tired of Your Sh*t

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Man, these women look so bad ass! Taking a look at any of the ladies in the picture I couldn't help but come to a conclusion that these women don't take shit from anyone which is how I came up with the title. To be completely honest I would probably [[[soil myself]]] if I ever saw anyone wearing something remotely close to these insanely well dressed women which is why I had to share it with ya'll! 

My motto: When in doubt wear the shortest dress or the tightest thing you have and head out for an adventure. 

These are my top 6 picks for amazing California road trip outfits. I would definitely head out in any of these outfits or accessories now that it's the summer including the knee high boots! 

My justification for wearing the knee high boots during the summer: It's California. We have snakes. Wearing knee high boots is for protection! Duh! :p hehe

Thanks for stopping by! Please do let me know if you would wear any of these styles or pieces!

See ya next time!

Much love,