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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

During my stay in Fresno, California I tried to look for local things to do. Although there isn't much to actually do in the city of Fresno there are quite a lot of  adventures just beyond Fresno that are worth considering. 

On my adventure I thought it was a road trip heaven heading to northern California. Most people seem to be extremely interested in Los Angeles but all of California's adventurous possibilities are hidden away in mountains and hills and cannot be accessed through major highways or roads or near any major airports. It's probably best that many people don't know about these hidden adventures because who in the end of the day loves a crowd of tourists?

Also, to any of you that are interested: all of my outfit details will be listed out throughout the blog post. 

After an extremely early start (and barely any sleep from the night before) we headed out on the road again. The photos shown here are shots of the view on the way to the Sequoia National Forest. The sun had just begun peaking out and created an amazing halo effect around everything. Although I was extremely tired I couldn't help but take a moment to close my eyes (not sleep :p) and smile. :)

California is well known for being extremely hot, but in the north this isn't always the case. It's absolutely freezing in the morning even though it's not raining and snow is not within sight. I couldn't help but layer up and use some of my vintage pieces to accessorize my outfit. Shown here is a vintage western/Native American inspired handbag to which I ADORE. If you plan on "stealing" this handbag from me the replacement had better be damn right fantastic!

As you can see I'm not exaggerating the freezing wind on the hills as we ascended 14,505 feet above sea level to reach the national forest. I wore my Element dress, my grey sweater from JC Penny, and my Primark blue and white Christmas jumper (don't care what time of year it was- deal with it :p). I accessorized my outfit with a New Look classic wool structured fedora hat. I also added a New Look elephant necklace charm onto a  vintage Taurus necklace for my perfect amount of bling.  

After finally making it to the Sequoia National Forest we spotted snow (obviously) and the most beautiful trees which forced us to appreciate how wonderful nature really is. We couldn't help but snag a few shots with the first large tree we saw. In the photo above I look rather small compared to nature. The smell of the pine trees and the crisp air was extremely memorable. 

Overall, it was an adventure on it's own to get to the Sequoia National Forest. I would recommend the trip there to anyone who has the patience to drive 25 miles an hour for 2 hours straight along icy roads and scenic views. 

Many more blog posts to come on my Sequoia National Forest adventure. Stay tuned! 

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  1. Great shots! I've been wanting to visit the sequoia national forest!