The Ritz Carlton. Dana Point, California.

Saturday, June 6, 2015


     On my drive down Pacific Coast Highway I came across the Ritz Carlton and I couldn't help but notice this beach area the hotel is surrounded by. As you can see it was such an amazing view and the colors of the sky are those of a relaxing California sunset. 

     What most attracted me to this little beach area was the hill you had to walk down in order to get to the sandy beach. I quickly understood why the Ritz Carlton is located in Dana Point. Although not shown in the photos, the shore was very clean and quiet. The Ritz golf carts can be used to move guests of the hotel down from the top of the hill where the hotel is located to the bottom near the beach. Anyone can utilize this golf cart, as we did :p,  to move to and from the Ritz even if you aren't a guest staying at the hotel. The advantage of this was to avoid walking up the dreadful hill to the hotel and a chance to view the hotel a little bit/enjoy the views that the guests had during their stay. 

     We were there for only a short period of time and I was able to get a few shots of the sky. It is really a perfect destination for pretty much anyone. It can be extremely romantic or such an amazing time to spend with friends or family. You have to pay for parking and you must be able to walk down the hill in order to get to the beach from the parking lot. Many of the locals walk their dogs on the grassy bits leading to the beach, but beware, no dogs are allowed on the actual beach.There are barbecues for use near the beach and plenty of space to swim around since there aren't too many people as I noted earlier. If you're planning on making it down to Orange County on your road trip in California I would definitely recommend this beach as a MUST on your visit. Depending on the traffic from L.A. I would say it's about 2 hours away if you don't get stuck in traffic (good luck with that!). 

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